9 Tips, Best Advice A Woman Give To Men On How To Approach Women

What is the best advice a woman would like to give men on how to approach women?

1. Do not linger and stare — women constantly look for “lurkers.” We can both see and feel you. The longer you stare, the less likely you are to succeed in your approach.

2. Don’t be afraid of rejection — What does rejection mean when approaching a woman? It’s a woman you’ve never met and know nothing about telling you she might not be interested in you after only two seconds of conversation. The less afraid you are of rejection, the more women will pay attention to you.


3. The only way to acquire what you want is to ask for it, I always say. If you never take a chance and go after what you want, all you will get is a severe case of sadness. Discover more about any woman you are considering approaching before deciding whether or not she is the one you desire.

4. 25%/75% – As the guy, you should speak 25% of the time and direct the conversation rather than take over. It is best if a lady says more.

5. Know what you want to say: I wouldn’t say I like it when men approach me and expect me to initiate and carry on a conversation. If you’re stuck, an opinion opener is an excellent way to start a conversation. Just make sure you’re genuinely interested in the question you’ve posed.

6. Pay attention to her body language: To save time, energy, and money, pay attention to a woman’s body language. It will reveal what she is saying. She is not interested or engaged if she does not make eye contact. A nod to answer your questions gives one-word answers, turns her body away, or looks over your shoulder for help.

7. You have the right to leave at any time — Remember that the purpose of approaching a woman is to determine whether she is exciting and worth your time. If this is not the case, you have complete authority and permission to excuse yourself and leave.

What is the best advice a woman would like to give to men on how to approach women

8. Everyone experiences approach anxiety. Approaching a stranger is a terrifying experience for everyone. But the more you do it, the less frightening it appears and the more natural it seems.

9. Approach every woman — Practice, practice, practice.

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