29 Strange Signs Your Wife Is In Love With Someone Else

How do you know if your wife loves someone else? Your spouse may be adept at hiding things, but the truth cannot stay hidden forever. By being vigilant, you may notice these 29 indications that your wife may have feelings for someone else.

29 Strange Signs Your Wife Is In Love With Someone Else

1) She’s all glammed up lately

Your wife is already naturally beautiful, but she’s been putting in extra effort to improve her appearance lately. She got a new haircut, has been wearing more revealing clothing, and her nails are perfectly manicured, among other things.

She may be dressing up to impress you, but it’s also possible that she’s trying to impress someone else. If she only dresses up when she’s going to work or another place where she wouldn’t usually dress up, it’s more likely that she’s trying to impress someone else.

2) Communication is sparse

Have you noticed that your wife doesn’t text or call much during the day, and when she does talk, it’s usually just a brief yes or no? She may be hiding something and trying to avoid giving anything away by keeping communication to a minimum.

3) She doesn’t say, ‘I love you, anymore.

It seems like a giveaway that your partner is no longer in love with you if they stop saying, “I love you.” This is a significant red flag, and seeking guidance from a relationship coach could be valuable.

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How do I know?

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4) She isn’t spending as much time with you

Your partner used to spend all her days off and vacation time with you, but now she has plans and leaves you to your devices on weekends and holidays. She may have devoted her time to someone else, as she no longer has time for you.

It’s important not to ignore this. As a piece of advice, a report has indicated that neglecting to spend quality time together can erode the foundation of a relationship, weakening the bond and potentially diminishing the level of happiness experienced together.

5) She’s become very secretive.

It appears your wife has been exhibiting more secretive behavior with her phone lately, taking calls and texts in private. This behavior change could indicate that she’s concealing something or someone from you. It may be advisable to have a frank and open discussion with her to comprehend what’s happening and how you can provide mutual support.

Please note that infidelity does not have to be limited to physical encounters. Engaging in cyberaffair through dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble is also a form of cheating.

6) She’s lying through her teeth.

When asked about her whereabouts, she claimed to have been in a particular place. However, a friend who was there denies seeing her. This consistent deception indicates that she may be in love with someone else and is trying to hide her infidelity. By lying to you and being secretive, she hopes to avoid getting caught and throwing you off the trail. It’s unfortunate, but it’s entirely possible with the proper methods of deceit.

7) She’s always jittery.

Is your wife constantly agitated? This could be due to various reasons, but it could also be a sign that she’s hiding her true feelings for someone else. She may be anxious because she fears getting caught in a lie or cheating.

Dr. Linda Glass, a behavioral analyst, has identified the physical indicators that suggest someone is lying.

  • Sudden head movements
  • Constant staring without much blinking
  • Changes in breathing
  • Repetition of certain words or phrases
  • Repeatedly touching or covering her mouth
  • Pointing out things repeatedly
  • Shuffling of the feet
8) She’s changed her account passwords.

As a married couple, sharing account passwords for safekeeping is common. However, if your partner suddenly changes their passwords, it could indicate they are keeping something from you.

This connects to another indication: her tendency to keep things private (distinct from being secretive). She’s attempting to hide her actions by altering her passwords, preventing you from accessing her emails, direct messages, and other methods of communication with her new partner.

9) She’s become very defensive

You have observed that she behaves mysteriously, and you have started to ask her about it. However, instead of being honest with you, she became defensive and said things such as, “You’re prying!” and “I deserve some privacy!”

In straightforward terms, if there is no significant issue, she should be able to answer your inquiries directly. However, if she consistently avoids the topic and becomes defensive about her actions, it may cause concern.

According to relationship advisor Rhonda Milrad, cheaters frequently avoid taking responsibility for their actions and become annoyed when questioned. You might face attempts to silence you, and they might accuse you of being too controlling or suspicious.

10) She’s indicting you for having someone else.

If your spouse is in love with someone else, they may accuse you of the same behavior. According to an article by my colleague Frankie, this is known as projection and is a common defense mechanism for cheaters. They can become paranoid and start accusing their partner of the same behavior, making the partner feel like the guilty party.

11) She constantly compares you to that other guy.

Out of nowhere, she brought up a guy and how he treats his wife. She compares him to someone she is interested in but has not been intimate with. She quickly talks about him because she sees him as a potential partner.

The comparison may only sometimes be evident. For instance, one may suggest a vacation destination solely because someone else has recommended it.

12) She loves picking on you.

Being compared to someone else’s is not a good feeling, but being picked on is even worse. Everything you do irritates her, and she constantly criticizes you. This could be because she has feelings for someone else and has put that person on a pedestal, making it impossible for you to do anything right in her eyes.

Your partner may be picking on you to avoid the relationship. This behavior may escalate and result in tension, arguments, and possibly even divorce if left unchecked. To prevent this, I recommend enrolling in a Mend the Marriage program.

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13) The red-hot sex you once had is no more.

Do you recall when you were newly married and couldn’t keep your hands off each other? It seems like intimacy is rare, and your partner always comes up with excuses like “I have a headache” or “I’m tired” whenever you initiate. This could indicate that your partner is no longer attracted to you and is seeking physical intimacy with someone else.

14) She utters another guy’s name in bed.

Assume, by chance, she agreed to do the act with you. In the heat of the moment, she blurted out another guy’s name. Yes, this could be her imagination, but it could also indicate that she is sleeping with someone else. Think of parapraxis, commonly known as the Freudian slip.

A Healthline article stated, “You can trace these blunders back to unconscious desires and urges, whether they’re things you want to say but can’t or unrealized sensations that haven’t yet entered your realm of conscious thought.”

15) She does not care about what you say.

She always wants to know your thoughts on things. She may receive unsolicited advice from someone else if she no longer cares about it.

However, this does not simply relate to diplomatic exchanges.

For instance, she always loses her relaxation when you say certain words or sentences during your disagreements. And right now, she doesn’t give a damn when you bring them up.

Because she turned in another guy, she has already tuned you out in her mind.

16) She’s no longer listening to you

She’s no longer listening to you, which is probably one of the reasons she doesn’t care about what you have to say.

And why would she? She has stopped loving you. She is in love with someone else, and in her eyes, he is the only person worth paying attention to.

17) You don’t know what’s happening in her life.

Imagine that a friend has just asked you how things are going. If your wife is still engaging in this or that, she inquired. You’re surprised to find yourself speechless. It seems as though you no longer know her. And no, it wasn’t for lack of trying. 

She responds to your repeated inquiries about what’s happening by shrugging and saying, “Same.” This brings up the previously mentioned sign of being secretive. She stopped updating you because she’s worried you might find the love of her life.

18) She’s no longer your wingwoman.

When things get tough, you should be able to depend on your wife to support you. But you can anticipate her acting oppositely if she is in love with someone else.

She can try to discourage you and drag you down instead of encouraging and boosting you. Sadly, this indicates that she merely acts like she loves you. She’s already doing this favor for someone else, so she’s no longer your sidekick and cheerleader.

19) Small, romantic things are out the window.

No matter how small, a great marriage will always have romantic elements. Consider pleasant surprises like your wife preparing your favorite cuisine from a trip you took abroad or bringing you lunch.

Simply put, she won’t continue to do these things for you if she loves someone else. She no longer visits your office for lunch, along with many other surprises. She’s probably doing it now for her newest love interest.

20) She’s only moody when she’s with you.

Your wife is a lovely, pleasant woman, according to your family and acquaintances. When it comes to you, though, she changes into a she-monster. You may have done something to make her this way. But if you know that you’re safe, it could be because she’s seeing someone else.

She believes there is no longer any need for her to be pleasant to you. Sure, you’re her husband, but the love she once had for you is long gone. So it’s instead channeled to someone else, who, I’m sure, doesn’t get to experience her moody side.

21) You’re no longer included in her plans.

She often said that “we” would do this or that in the future. When she speaks today, she says, “I’m going to visit this romantic destination in the future.”

She believes you are no longer a factor in the equation. She thinks she will spend it with her new boyfriend. Thus, she continues using “I” rather than “we/us.”

22) Her schedule keeps changing

She said she’d be home by 6 p.m. Then she phoned to say she’ll have to stay longer and would be home at 10 p.m. When you ask her why, she gives short, generic answers like “Work.”

Your wife may cheat on you with a married man, so they must work around their schedules.

Unless you confirm that she is at work (or another location she stated she would be), you should consider her continually changing plan a major red flag.

23) She does not invite you when she goes out.

Let’s face it; most wives prefer to accompany their husbands on social occasions. However, you should be cautious if she insists on going out with friends without inviting you.

Yes, they may desire to spend time alone with the other girls. But if you don’t take care, she might spend this time alone with the new guy.

Tips: She’s probably meeting her new boyfriend if she’s dressed to the nines—much more so than she usually is while out with friends.

24) She insists on being alone.

She insists on doing things alone, another warning flag you should watch out for, and missing out on something you used to enjoy together.

For instance, because “she doesn’t know what’s happening,” you are always present when she has yearly car maintenance.

She now insists on going to the car inspection by herself. Of course, it’s conceivable that she’s doing this to increase her time with her boyfriend. On the other hand, she might be free to text or phone her new man during this alone time.

25) She has new friends you don’t know.

All of your friends are known to your wife, and vice versa.

Or so you believed. She suddenly mentions a man you are sure you have never met. Furthermore, when you ask her whether you’ve seen him, she will reply, “Yeah,” but won’t go into further detail.

You see, there’s a significant likelihood that she’s fallen in love with this guy. She doesn’t want you to know him, so you don’t.

26) She’s drifted away from your family.

You may be fortunate to have a wife who gets along with your family. She might even be nearer to them than you are.

Therefore, it could be a hint that she is in love with someone else if she stops talking to them as much or skips family gatherings. In the same manner that she is moving away from you, she is also leaving your family.

27) Her friends are weird.

Say you happened to spot her best friend by chance in a shop. It used to be easy to converse with her, but lately, it seems weird.

She twitches her face when you ask about her recent night out with your wife (to which you were not invited). She’s displaying the same nervousness as your wife exhibited when you posed the identical query to her.

This provides twice as much proof as you could need. Her strange behavior around you is likely caused by the fact that her pal is aware that your boyfriend is having an extramarital affair.

28) She’s always threatening to leave or divorce you.

Fights between married couples are common. But what about the repeated threats to leave and divorce you? That is indeed alarming.

This isn’t just a reaction to something. Your wife is telling you this because she has considered it (if not for long.) Trust me, and she dares to do it – even more so now that she has someone else lined up.

29) She’s given up on the marriage.

Aside from threatening to leave or divorce you, you can tell she loves someone else if she has given up on your marriage.

There you are, recommending aid from Relationship Hero – even Brad Browning – but she isn’t interested in any of them.

Because her heart is with someone else, she no longer feels obligated to defend this marriage. However, remember that this is not the end of the world! Following these tips on what to do when a lady abandons a relationship can be beneficial.

What you should do

Communication is essential, as it always is. If you ask her, be prepared for the consequences. There are two options: patch things up or walk away from each other. In either case, speaking with a relationship coach about your circumstance can be beneficial. You can still rebuild your marriage’s trust.

If you’re hesitant to seek outside assistance, don’t be.

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