What An Uneven Pushups Good For And How To Do It?

An uneven pushups is a more advanced variation of the basic pushup that provides a more challenging workout. A pushup is a compound strengthening exercise that engages multiple muscle groups. Two or more joints are also involved in your movements.

Compound exercises help you gain the strength you need to complete everyday tasks like grocery shopping or vacuuming. To perform a pushup, lift your body off the ground while remaining horizontal.

What are uneven pushups good for and how do they do it?

How To Do Uneven Pushups

  • By performing an uneven pushup, you trick your body into lowering itself.
  •  Find something 8 to 12 inches above the ground, such as a phone book, a bench, or a rolled-up towel, or if you’re an MBBS student, Robins or Harrison will suffice 😉.
  •  Put one hand on the item and the other on the ground as you assume the pushup position. About 12 inches should separate your hands. Keep your feet separate. Tilt your head upward while keeping your gaze straight ahead and contracting your abs.
  •  As you lower your body, inhale through your mouth. Exhale as you climb back up.
  •  Bring your bottom up into the air and slightly flex your knees to rest when your muscles are weak. Reverse your posture to start your pushups again.
  •  Put your other hand on the thing and switch sides. You may work your pectorals, deltoids, and triceps by performing unequal pushups. Your form should get better if your resume performs regular pushups.
How to Do an Uneven Pushups

Beginner’s Tips:

Do uneven pushups on your hands and knees if you can’t lift your body weight. You can add pushups on your hands and feet as you gain strength. Alternatively, have a spotter hold your ankles or calves while you do the pushups. Extending your hands beyond shoulder-length distance makes the exercise more challenging.

Do uneven pushups on your hands and knees if you can't lift your body weight

The Advantages Of Pushups:

Your shoulder is your body’s most mobile joint. Your shoulders are to lift, push, and pull objects. Shoulders are more prone to dislocation or strain than other joints. Pushups help you avoid injuries by strengthening your upper body’s connective tissue and muscles. The uneven pushup allows for more “normal” pushup performance overall. Please comment and share if you found this post interesting and useful.

The advantages of pushups