How To Make Your Female Friend Fall In Love With You

Hey, if you want a technique to make your female friend fall in love with you, then drop anything else you’re doing and pay attention to this blog post. And if you’re looking to spark a woman’s desire for you, watch this short video for a few moments.

how to make your female friend fall in love with you

Read this story.

Recently, a guy friend, Patrick, came to me for advice. He told me that he had newly developed strong feelings for a woman (Anna*) he’d been friends with for a long time. 

Patrick said that he had always found Anna attractive. Still, as they had usually been in other relationships, they had never really seen each other as more than friends.

But lately, they have started to spend more time together, and Patrick finds himself more and more attracted to Anna. He says he feels comfortable talking to her about anything and is closer to her than ever with a girlfriend.

Patrick informed me that although he believed Anna might share his thoughts, nothing had yet transpired between them. He wanted to make a move but had no idea how to go about it if it backfired and ruined a good friendship.

And Patrick has a right to be wary, as losing a great friendship can be a natural consequence of going beyond the friend barrier. But on the flip side, going from friend to relationship can also be the best thing to happen to two people.

There are many benefits to going from friends to relationship partners. First, you already know each other inside-out, flaws and all. 

You’ve probably met each other’s families and friends, so there are no surprises. But getting together with a friend is fragile and involves much thought beforehand. 

You want more than you currently have, and your friend needs a shake-up for this to happen.

Since this situation is so common, I wanted to share with you today the same advice I shared with Patrick (in a few more steps). 

So if you have a friendship you’d like to turn into something more, you have more of an idea of how to go about it. You could try getting drunk and seeing what happens. But this isn’t the track I’d recommend.

Instead, it’s essential first to understand your reasons for wanting to be more than friends and then slowly but surely transform from friend to boyfriend. 

So that before she knows it, she can’t picture her life without you by her side. *Names have been changed for privacy purposes.

First, make sure you want to be more than friends for the right reasons.

When you’re excellent friends with a girl, it’s easy to form a strong emotional attachment to her. Like Patrick, you may find you can talk to her like you’ve never been able to with any girlfriend. 

It’s no wonder many friends end up getting together somewhere along the line. Most close opposite-sex friends will admit there is a bit of chemistry between them — which is natural.

But it’s vital that before you move into this unknown territory, you make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. What has made you want to further your relationship with this woman? 

Have you always felt for her, but the timing has never been, right? Or did this come about as a result of loneliness? When you are single and missing being in a relationship, it can be easy to mistake feelings of close friendship for romantic feelings.

Ask yourself these questions:

Could you picture you and your friend being together? Would the transition from friend to boyfriend and girlfriend come naturally? Is there genuine chemistry between you?

Do you think this girl would be open to a more intimate relationship? Do you want a relationship with this girl rather than just wanting to sleep with her?

Hey, it’s natural to wonder what an attractive friend would be like in bed. But there are a lot of other girls you could sleep with — is she the one you want? 

Suppose you’ve honestly answered “Yes” to these questions. In that case, I can assume you want to further your relationship with your friend for the right reasons. 

Hopefully, this transition will make your relationship even more impressive than it already is as friends.

How to Turn Your Friend Into Your Girlfriend The eyes are the key to unlocking passion and intimacy

How to make your female friend fall in love with you:

1. Present yourself in a different light.

Unless your friend has already made it clear to you in some way that she is feeling the same romantic feelings you are. You need to shake things up a little in your friendship to stop being viewed as a “friend” and start viewing it as “boyfriend material.” 

Sometimes the way to go is to show less interest in your friend for a while. If she genuinely appreciates you, then your absence will make her miss you and desire your company.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a woman’s feelings for you are just friends or more than this. Because as your friend, she may be pretty affectionate and even a little flirtatious towards you. 

But this doesn’t necessarily mean she sees you in sexual terms.

You may need to step back and let her miss you to find out. Suppose you’re always doing things for her and giving her your undivided attention. In that case, she may have grown comfortable with how things are between you. 

When you are no longer around as much, she will most likely feel the loss and put more effort into spending time with you again.

If you’re constantly bending over backward for her, try asking her to do something for you. 

Contrary to popular belief, people like you more when they do favors for you than when you do the favor for them. The more they put into the relationship, the more you will mean to them. 

So, stop doing favors for her all the time. And start asking for them. She may be happy to accept whatever you do for her, but is she equally willing to do things for you? It will give you a good indication of whether she genuinely values you.

Competition and jealousy can also be good things at this stage. It doesn’t mean getting with other girls, but it does mean showing her that you’re a guy other women are interested in. 

People value what they think they might lose. If you have the attention of any other woman, this might amp up her desire for you.

2. Show her you’re the boyfriend you could be.

Once you have given your friendship a shake-up through the steps above, you can come back and show her the fantastic boyfriend you could be. In your position as a good friend, you can start acting like her boyfriend without her even really noticing the change.

Find ways to hang out with her more and do fun things together. Show that you know her better than anyone else by remembering the little things she likes and dislikes. 

For example, she wants her pizza with mushrooms but no olives. It would make any girl feel special.

Don’t try to be too sexy or seductive at this stage — be an attractive, fun guy to be around (otherwise, she may get freaked out). The more sensual side of your relationship can come later — at the moment, it is still about gradually building closeness.

Make it fun, relaxed, and flirty so she always feels comfortable in your presence. For instance, send her a text later telling her you are still laughing about something funny that happened earlier in the day during your time together. 

As well as lightening the mood, this will subtly let her know you’re still thinking about her.

Find ways to accompany her to an event if you were her boyfriend. For example, watch one of her games if she plays a sport. Additionally, show her that you are there for her in good and terrible times by acting with consideration and care.

Trusting her is a critical component of building intimacy. She will likely fall in love once she realizes how completely trustworthy and dependent you are. By this stage, you are leagues ahead of the other guys.

3. Give the ‘friend’ barrier a push in the right direction.

Now’s the time to start being a little more obvious about your more-than-friend feelings for her. It involves being a little more flirtatious, moving beyond the touch barrier, and adding a hint of romance.

From this stage, you should clearly know whether or not she is interested in you by the signals she sends you. 

Always read her body language to determine how she is feeling. Go carefully, and stop right away if she signals she is not having fun.

In moving beyond the touch barrier, never do anything inappropriate or weird Only get close to her when it feels natural.

For instance, offering a hand if she needs it, giving her a light push on the shoulder when you’re teasing, or lightly brushing against her arm while sitting next to each other.

Whenever this happens, does she jump back away from you like she’s just placed her hand on a hot stove, or does she let the touch linger for a second and give you an encouraging smile? 

If she maintains contact, is smiling, laughs, and has a good time when you casually touch her, she welcomes your plan to go beyond the line of ‘friends.’

However, if she finds it weird and pulls away, then back off — this is a sign she’s not comfortable with more-than-friends. As well as finding appropriate opportunities to touch, you can amp up the flirting and atmosphere of romance. 

Hold her gaze for longer than usual when you make eye contact and smile. The eyes are the key to unlocking passion and intimacy.

Start complimenting her more often on how great she looks or how much you admire something she does. Do things for her without being asked, and sometimes show up with the odd surprise, such as the chocolate she loves.

4. Make your move.

If by this stage, the air between you and your friend is sizzling with sexual chemistry and everything feels right, it’s time to go ahead and make your move. 

There are two main ways you can go about this. If the timing feels right, let her know how honest you are. Although this can be hard to do, having an open conversation is the most transparent way to express your feelings and find out hers.

Women are usually highly receptive to having open and honest conversations. And even if it turns out she doesn’t return your affections. she will most likely be exceptionally flattered by the fact that you like her. 

However, she feels the same way. In that case, this is the perfect opportunity to discuss how you’d like your relationship to progress. And, of course, if it feels right, this is the moment to go in for the kiss.

If you’re not keen on telling her how you feel explicitly, look for an excellent opportunity to ask her for a casual date. It should be in a public place, to begin with, to avoid the pressure and possible awkwardness of getting too full-on too soon (i.e., no candlelit dinners!). 

There may be a concert coming up you both want to go to or a comedy night. Or maybe there’s a new café you’d like to check out. Ask her if she would like to go with you, and try to make it clear that you are asking her out on a date rather than as friends.

For example,

“Would you like to go with me to that comedy show on Saturday night? We could get a drink at the theatre bar beforehand.”

Make sure you make eye contact as you are asking this so that you can gauge her reaction. If she smiles and agrees, this is a great sign. Be sure to continue with a follow-up and give her that smile to let her know that this is the real thing:

“Cool, shall I pick you up at 8?”

If she misinterprets what you are asking and suggests that others should come along, bite the bullet and make it clear that you intend for it to be a date. E.g., 

“I thought it would be nice if you and I could go together.”

From this, she should understand your true meaning. If she agrees, you will probably feel a shift in your dynamics. All you have left to do is have a fantastic time on your date, keep up everything you’ve been doing, and let the rest come naturally.

If, on the off chance, she says no to the idea of a date, agree to be friends and leave it at that. You’ve tried everything, and if she still wants to be friends, you’re better off licking your wounds and trying to regain a great friendship. 

Some of the best relationships grow out of companies. If you’re lucky enough to experience this, you may find it lasts a lifetime.