3 Side Hustles That Help You Earn More Money

Learn about this three side hustles you can start immediately to earn more money at your full-time job. I worked for startups and large companies before becoming a full-time entrepreneur. As a financial goal, I always wanted a promotion or salary increase and a better salary.

I also wanted to assume extra duties and hold new positions, but I realized that my employers weren’t providing or paying for any programs to help me improve my career, so I took matters into my own hands.

I started my side hustles to help me grow and learn new skills while still earning money. After a year of performing these after-work gigs, I presented my manager with an updated portfolio of my work and made a small promotion that resulted in a raise.

Consider One Of These Side Hustles.
Online tutoring is a side hustle that can help you improve your communication skills. Jose Carlos Cerdeno Martinez/Getty Images

Consider One Of These Side Hustles.

To help you develop or learn new skills if you want to earn more at your full-time job.

1. Using Your Current Skills For Freelancer Work

My first side hustle ever was very simple. My life changed when I moved from being a full-time copywriter to becoming a freelancer. I could work on various tasks and expand the range of assignments I could complete.

During my free time, I worked on scripts for video advertisements. Still, I could write social media content, blog entries for B2B businesses, and website copy through freelance work. Doing this has enabled me to grow as a writer. I present my boss with a portfolio of my current side hustles, which allows me to take on other significant roles in the company as a copywriter.

Create a profile on a freelancing website like Fiverr, Upwork, or Toptal to offer your skills to other brands. Or firms that need temporary help after you’ve determined a skill or two that you’re currently performing well but want to expand. Double-check your employment contract to ensure you can do freelance work before you go any further.

2. Running Your Own E-commerce Business

Starting your own internet business is a good side hustle if you want to master a new skill. You can learn about inventory management, product pricing, customer service, and marketing. If you don’t have the opportunity to do so in your current position, sell things you possess on websites like Poshmark or OfferUp. Producing a new product and marketing it on a marketplace like Etsy or Amazon might assist you in gaining that experience quickly.

This way, you can highlight the experience you gained from managing your own e-commerce business if you decide to pursue a new position. Or assume more responsibility at your current one focused on sales, marketing, or business development.

3. Tutoring on Any Topic

No matter your skill or what you do for a living, communication is a skill you can constantly improve. Your worth at a company can significantly increase. If you can improve at public speaking, simplify complicated concepts, or merely educate and manage others.

Coaching or tutoring is a side hustle that can help you develop this skill set. Even if you tutor in a topic unrelated to your line of work, you’ll still have to work with a student to explain a topic clearly, ensure that they get it, and do it interestingly and amusingly.

You can start tutoring by creating a profile on a website such as tutor.com or tutorme.com. Along with steadily improving your communication abilities, you might also discover that you are more willing to accept speaking opportunities at work (such as presenting to executives or pitching a new company), which could result in a promotion or pay raise.