How To Use Social Media To Target Audience And Leads

Learn how to use social media strategies to target your desired audience. Social media is a phenomenon. There are more than 4 billion social media users worldwide, and the numbers are increasing yearly. 

You can run effective, targeted social media campaigns with social media apps and platforms. That can put your brand on the map and dramatically increase your followers.

Marketers established a mailing list to attract potential customers, conducted phone calls, or ran a print advertising campaign. But the digital age has changed everything. Marketers must concentrate on reaching out to customers on the platforms they prefer.

Because we rely so heavily on the internet, you should prioritize SEO, digital ads, and, perhaps most intriguingly, social media in your marketing budget.

How To Use Social Media To Target Audience And Leads

• Smart Social Selling

For some marketers, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube may appear inconsequential or overwhelming. Yet, they may help you reach audiences you never imagined imaginable. 

According to Forbes, up to two-thirds of the world’s top sales gurus consider social media a crucial tool for lead generation and sales. 

Furthermore, according to HubSpot, 84% of marketers believe that committing as little as six hours per week to social media activity is sufficient to enhance website traffic.

Because these platforms are highly visual and participatory, they are far more appealing to customers. While 90% of senior decision-makers say they never reply to cold calls, 76% of purchasers say they are ready and willing to talk. 

With a social media brand, An interesting Instagram post with comments from the firm feels far more intimate than a telemarketing phone call. 

But if you don’t know where to start or how to use social media marketing. You might want to try these ideas:

How to use social media marketing
How to use social media marketing

• Geotargeting can be used to generate leads.

You should use geotargeting if your company has a physical location (or if you want to appeal to customers within a specified radius). 

In addition to geotargeting your SEO and advertising, you can also use it for “social searching.” Which looks for postings that are a good fit for the goods and services your business offers.

Then, you can contact these people or businesses and give them extra information or special deals. You can execute an effective social search on Twitter or Hootsuite or watch hashtags on networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

• Place social media ads 

Social media advertising can help you more precisely target the clients you desire to reach. Even though you should only sponsor some of the articles, you publish.

When a post is relevant to the audience, they tend to respond more positively, which increases the likelihood that they will visit your website and use your products or services.

Marketers can use the platform to gather leads with Facebook and Instagram ads. You’ll increase your chances of getting the information you need by allowing clients to interact with your company without leaving their social network.

Your ad will receive a better reaction if it is visually appealing and interactive. Make sure you create your ad following the platform’s requirements before submitting it.

• Host a live stream 

Suppose your business has something exciting to announce or wants to connect on a more personal level with potential customers. In that case, a live stream can be a great way to go. 

Ensure the video is of excellent quality and that you take precautions to avoid technological troubles derailing your plans. Otherwise, viewers may have to re-watch. Mention any contests or special offers you’re conducting, and be ready to answer any inquiries in real-time.

Don’t forget to include your other social media channels and link to your website to ensure this tactic will translate into viable leads.

• Measure ROI 

A company needs to understand the overall long-term value of social media marketing. Proving return on investment (ROI) can initially be challenging when clients want immediate results. 

First, I explain the value they get from social media marketing compared to expensive. Alternatives like television commercials, radio ads, billboards or print advertisements, field marketing campaigns, and even Google AdWords. 

Then I discuss the measurable data they receive from accounts and ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., that they don’t get from traditional media channels. 

Finally, I advise utilizing trackable URLs on custom landing pages to effectively track conversions such as sales (obviously), ebook or white paper downloads, email newsletter signups, mobile application downloads, and other KPIs with a defined value. 

Utilizing tools like Google Analytics and their Campaign URL Builder is practical and accessible.

How to grow and use your social media account
Social Media Growth

SMM Lead Gen Conclusion 

Your social media marketing platforms should align with your brand and ideal audience. For example, if you want to target millennial or Gen Z buyers, use Snapchat or TikTok. Or Instagram will likely make more of an impact than LinkedIn. 

Remember that more than simply posting an image with a hashtag is required. Social media is fantastic because it allows you to use creative content and marketing techniques.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to engage in meaningful ways and find those hard-to-reach leads through these popular platforms.