How to Buy Spotify Plays and Targeted Spotify Followers

Here’s how to buy Spotify plays and likes with organic growth if you are a new artist looking to find new listeners for your music or playlist.

How to Get Targeted Spotify Followers and Plays

When you’ve decided which service to purchase your plays, go to the website and click on the ‘Buy Spotify Plays’ link. However, the exact method will differ depending on the website you’re using.

You’d need to take the following steps:

  1. Choose a package. On the website, several packages will be available, each with a different number of plays for an additional price. Some will even offer targeted and premium play options and money-back guarantees. Choose the best package for your needs and budget, then click ‘Buy Now.’
  • 2. Go to the Spotify website in a new tab and copy the URL from the address bar after searching for the track, playlist, album, or podcast you want to promote. 
  • 3. In the space provided by the botting service, enter the URL of your track, playlist, album, or podcast. 
  • 4. When you click “Next,” the site will take you to the payment gateway. To complete the transaction, use your preferred payment method.

The streams should start coming in over the next few days!

How to Get Targeted Spotify Followers and Plays

Alternative Methods of Buy Spotify Plays

If the idea of purchasing streams in this manner does not appeal to you, there are other ways to spend money to improve your game without using bots.

Here’s how it works:

  • Spotify ads: This is a more expensive option than bots, and it can take much longer to get the same number of views. However, the views you receive will be organic views from real people, which will help you grow your following in more ways than one.
  • Other ad networks: This option may be less expensive than Spotify ads. Because ads on sites like Instagram and Facebook do not have a minimum spending cap as Spotify does. However, users are less likely to interact with the ads because they are not usually in the mood to listen to music, as they would be on Spotify.
  • Many influencers will accept payment in exchange for promoting your song to their followers. Because the number of views is not guaranteed, this type of marketing is not as safe as other ads. However, it can be very successful, particularly on TikTok, where many of the most recent songs of recent years first went viral. 
  • While this isn’t the same as paying to increase your views, Spotify will promote your streams more if you accept a lower royalty. In essence, you’re giving Spotify a more significant cut of your profits in exchange for recommending your tracks to more people.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Spotify Plays

How to Buy Spotify Plays and Targeted Spotify Followers

You may be wondering if buying Spotify streams is the right path for you now that you know how. It is a very high-risk strategy, with no guarantee of reward other than empty numbers. On the other hand, buying plays is an instant and actionable way to gain success and credibility with your audience — something that isn’t available elsewhere in the music industry.

So, how do the benefits and risks stack up?

The Effective

Buying streams has several advantages, some obvious and some not so obvious. These are some examples:

Improved Visibility

With more streams on your account, your tracks will be recommended to more people and added to more playlists. If they listen to it, more people will hear your song. Luckily, your theme may even reach primary industry records and labels.

Improved Reputation

When a prospective fan visits your artist page, the higher the numbers, the more likely they are to click. There’s a reason why a list of your most streamed tracks is one of the first things on your page.

Increased growth

The first few months or years of a musician’s career are the most difficult. If you can increase your numbers quickly, you can avoid months of waiting for people to discover your music and gain organic streams.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Spotify Plays

Time Savings

If your tracks receive buy plays, you won’t have to spend time marketing or interacting with other artists to increase your numbers. Instead, you can concentrate on creating and perfecting your music and putting more content for your audience.

Enhanced Performance

Higher numbers on a track will result in the Spotify algorithm recommending the channel to new listeners and including it in the personalized playlists and “Similar Music” it generates. As a result, your tracks can stay on top trending lists for longer than they would have without this boost. Purchasing streams is a great idea! However, there are some drawbacks to consider.

The bad

Purchasing streams entails several risks and consequences. We’ve listed a few of them below.

Bot Detection On Spotify

If Spotify discovers that you are purchasing streams, your account will terminate. You may be flagged, which means your actions are restricted, Spotify may remove the track, or your account may be suspended or banned.

How to Buy Spotify Plays and Targeted Spotify Followers

Poor Performance

Suppose the bots streaming your songs aren’t listening to the actual music. In that case, your pieces may perform even worse under Spotify’s algorithm. When Spotify receives no interactions with the tracks that are playing, and they mostly skip, it assumes that no one likes your music! Despite the higher numbers, you will only recommend it occasionally.

You Could harm your Reputation.

While most listeners cannot distinguish between organic and purchased streams, other artists and music producers will.

While most listeners cannot distinguish between organic and purchased streams, other artists and music producers will. If it’s discovering you have been purchasing plays, your Reputation in the industry may suffer greatly. And suppose you’re hoping to be signed by a more prominent label or collaborate with a more significant artist someday. In that case, buying plays could limit or eliminate your chances.

Your Figures Will Not Add Up.

If you have a lot of streams on your tracks but many followers and likes, your account will start to look suspicious. It may put off prospective fans. It is entirely up to you whether to purchase tickets or not. Still, keep these benefits and drawbacks in mind as you decide whether to follow this strategy.