How To Approach A Girl At A Bar In College

Here’s a tip on approaching a girl at a bar, in college, or anywhere else you think. Learn the three conversation strategies if you are lost and wondering what to say to a girl you met at any event or place.

OK, So you’re at the bar with a couple of friends. When you notice the striking brunette, you’ve had your eyes on for the last 40 minutes approaching the bar alone. Now’s your chance. If you’re going to talk to her, this is it.

You’re feeling nervous at this point. Because this is the most challenging part, working up the courage to talk when you know there’s a chance you could get blown off. But the thing is, right now, you are both just two strangers in a bar. And by casually introducing her to her, you have nothing to lose.

Hey, there will always be some risks, or she may already have a partner, or you may not be her type, but you’ll only know if you try. But only a bitchy woman would crush a guy when he approached her. It is NOT the kind of woman you’d want to be with anyway. So go on, close the bar.

There are 3 conversation strategies you must be aware of!

Follow these three simple but highly effective steps for making attraction-sparking conversation:

3 Conversation Strategies To Approach A Girl At A Bar

1. Start Light In Your Approach.

Pull up beside the hot brunette (not too close or far away). Smile, and say, “Hey.” See how she responds, and then ask the bartender for your drink. If the hot girl smiles, says “Hey” back, and turns towards you rather than away, this is a great sign. If she gives a quick reply and turns away towards her table, this is a sign that, for whatever reason, she’s not interested. You’re best to set your sights on someone else.

It’s that simple. So, the girl turns towards you and lingers at the bar. In that case, this is the perfect time to initiate a casual conversation. You don’t need much to discuss with her — don’t overthink your line. You do not have to use any cheesy pick-ups here or go into heavy topics.

The LAST thing a girl wants is to confront challenging questions from a guy straight away. E.g., what she does, and where she grew up, as this screams “desperate” to her. Instead, start by introducing yourself and offering your hand to shake if it feels right. Then ask something casual like, “Have a good night?” or “Are you watching the game?”

Believe me; if she’s into you and she’s enjoying the conversation, you can tell this simply by the fact that she is allowing the conversation to continue. And if you start up light and casual, the discussion will naturally get more profound as it continues.

As you talk to the hot brunette, you must project the correct body language to make her feel engaged and comfortable in your presence. First of all, think about your body position. You want to be facing slightly towards her to show you are interested in the conversation but not fully facing her front-on, as this may be too intense.

So if you were up at the bar, try facing slightly toward her and slightly toward the bar simultaneously to keep your body language open. Alternatively, you could turn to face them slightly outwards so that you are meeting her and the other people in the bar. Be wary of facing this way, though — you don’t want her to think that you want to leave and go back to your table.

With open body language, she can relax in your presence and feel free to leave anytime — which is essential. The next step is to make sure that you make a lot of eye contact while listening to her. It shows that you are interested in what she says and projects confidence.

If you avoid eye contact, you may appear insecure, unconfident, or disinterested. The best thing about making deep eye contact is to amp up the sexual attraction between you and your girl, as it causes feel-good hormones to produce.

2. Add Vigor To The Discussion.

To hook your girl into the conversation, you need to project energy and get her addicted to your great vibes. Women love being around men who radiate energy and make them smile and laugh continuously. Aim to bring the hot woman you are talking to up and make her feel good being around you.

How Do You Do This?

Well, we’ve already covered eye contact — this is a must — but you also want to use a lot of facial expressions, smile, and laugh freely. Project your voice so she can hear what you are saying (but don’t go too loud — no one wants to feel like they are shouting at you, and try not to mumble.

3. Eye Contact Is Key.

Act confident and fake it ’til you make it if need be. You don’t need to act arrogant or try too hard to impress her. Be your fun self and show that you are having a perfect time talking to her. Thanks for reading. I hope you’ve found this post helpful and are ready to meet some amazing women!

How To Approach A Girl At A Bar In College

And if you have a few spare moments, I’ll also show you how to take these three tips and develop them into a system that creates chemistry with a woman:

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